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stacy keibler

Real Name: stacy keibler
Also Known As: Nitro Girl Skye
Alias: Stacy
Date of Birth: October 18, 1980
From: Baltimore, Maryland
Height: 5'11"
Weight: 125lbs
Debut Date: September 1999 stacy keibler was very gifted. stacy keibler has been dancing every since the age of 3 and especially has a great background in tap dancing, ballet and jazz. stacy keibler then later on became a NFL Cheerleader for the Baltimore Ravens. Then in 1999, stacy keibler won a nationwide Nitro Girl talent Search and later stacy keibler had subsequently signed with World Championship Wrestling and stacy keibler was known as Skye of the Nitro Girls.

Then in later December of '99, WCW realized that Stacy had a lot potential to offer and they didn't want to waste her as a original Nitro Girl. WCW then offered Stacy a role in a story line. stacy keibler then became known as Ms. Hancock. stacy keibler accompanied Lenny and Lodi and stacy keibler always wore business suits (like Debra in the WWF). stacy keibler always carried a little clipboard around with her also to matches seemingly "grading" the action in the ring but also sometimes stacy keibler would lose her calm attitude by letting her hair down and acting wild by dancing on the ringside announce tables, stacy keibler even would go into the ring and dance where stacy keibler got pops from the crowd.

Then Lodi and Lenny had disappeared from World Championship Wrestling (WCW) but Ms. Hancock was still under WCW contract. Her dancing became a popular attraction to the fans. stacy keibler even danced in a cage on one or more occasions. Then Ms Hancock or Stacy Keibler had even started a fued with Kimberley who was also a former Nitro girl!

Then in June of 2000, Ms. Hancock gotten more and more popular to the fans and WCW loved her. They decided to start another storyline which was going to involve Ms. Hancock. That storyline was David Flair (Ric Flair's son) and Ms. Hancock were going to be involved in a relationship which might I add, is also in real life. This led to a storyline between Ms. Hancock, David Flair and Daffney who was David Flair's fiance on WCW TV at the time and also Crowbar. This angle also opened to an on-camera affilation betweeen Hancock and Flair. Then later in the Storyline Ms. Hancock was pregnant, and Hancock. Then in September David Flair and Ms. Hancock were set to be married on a WCW Monday Nitro. One week later, Ric Flair said that he will be attending the wedding as well.

The weddding day. Crowbar and Nitro Girl Baby stood in the ring waiting for the bride and groom. Also, the stage and stuff wasn't set up that good for Test/Stephanie wedding even though Test and Stephanie didn't get married. Then David Flair announced Ric Flair, his dad as the best man. As soon as Ric was about to come out, Charlotte Police arrested him for violating a restraining order Vince Russo set out earlier that day! Stacy was upset and stacy keibler went to the back. stacy keibler wanted to re-schedule the wedding for another day but David insisted to go back to the ring and finish the ceremony. When the preacher asked if anyone had a reason why the couple should not be joined in matrimony, Stacy raised her hand. stacy keibler told David although stacy keibler's pregnant, he is not the father. Kiebler ran to the back with David on her heels. Outside the arena, Stacy made her getaway in a white limo as David arrived seconds too late. Ha ha.

Mike Tenay interviewed David Flair who was a wreck and for several weeks we still did not know whose baby it was. on Nitro, David Flair saw this man with a hood on and he said he knows all the answers or something. Later in the ring, Buff said it was his baby and gave David the BlockBuster. David then demanded a DNA test to see who it was, Buff agreed then he refused leaving the fans with the Buff the daddy? Then on Nitro we were going to have a DNA test, Buff said okay but then he said he was scared of needles, he then took out the doctor and David once again. Then Ric Flair demanened a DNA first blood match at WCW Halloween Havoc.

At Havoc, David Flair brought out a DNA kit. The two fought and finally Buff got punched and stacy keiblerdded blood. Flair got a sample of the blood and ran off. Couple of weeks later, Jeff Jarrett came out and declared he was the father and Buff and Jarrett started brawling. We still do not know who the father is because of contract disputes Hancock is having with WCW. WCW recently fired Stacy Keibler (Miss Hancock). Keibler who has had a recent contract dispute with WCW, wanted her pay raise. WCW promised her they would give her an increase in pay once stacy keibler left the Nitro Girls. However, with WCW's current financial status, they decided to just fire her rather then have to pay that raise. Kiebler may seek legal action against WCW as many other people who have been fired in the past wrongfully have done. The WWF hasn't been contacted yet, but unlike Wilson, Kiebler is much more over with the fans and the WWF can do something with her. If Kiebler doesn't ask for much (as Wilson did), then the WWF would most likely sig her and package her like they did with Molly Holly. And also unlike Wilson, Kiebler was fired, her contract didn't expire. Therefore there might be some heat between Kiebler and the office after something like this.

Then in March of 2001, the former Ms. Hancock, Stacy Keibler entered the ring with a baby carriage. Stacy said stacy keibler was a changed woman and wanted to introduce her new baby, prompting Shawn Stasiak to come out and join her. Shawn came in and kissed Stacy, who tore off her baggy dress to reveal a skimpy black number. stacy keibler danced away as Stasiak posed on the turnbuckle. The couple said it was time to reveal their new baby and pulled a stack of Stasiak's pictures was from the carriage, fooling everyone. Shawn bragged that he was "The Star," and made fun of the "toothless, bald and fat" fans in the crowd. This enraged Bam Bam Bigelow, who charged the ring, sent Stasiak over the top rope, and challenged "The Star" to a match at the upcoming pay-per-view.

Stacy entered the ring, dressed in her Ms. Hancock business suit. stacy keibler scorned the fans for not cheering loud enough for her before introducing her man, Shawn The Star Stasiak. Bam Bam came in all business, ready to shut up the man who had been insulting him over the past week. Each time Bigelow attempted to lock up, Stasiak ducked under the ropes, forcing the referee to pull Bam Bam back. Finally the Beast From The East connected with his opponent, sending Shawn to the floor where Bigelow followed to continue his assault. Stacy distracted Bigelow just long enough for Stasiak to turn the tide on his massive foe. As Bam Bam signaled for the Greetings From Asbury Park, Stacy climbed onto the apron and threw Shawn a bottle of hairspray behind the referee's back. The "Mecca of Manhood" sprayed the substance in Bigelow's eyes and scored the win.

At WCW Greed 2001: Stacy welcomed everyone to the "Shawn & Stacy Show," introducing Shawn Stasiak to the ring. When Bigelow came in, Stasiak pulled his woman in front of him for protection. Once Stacy exited the ring, the intensity picked up right where it left off at WCW Greed, with both men all over each other. When Stacy tried to repeat her performance from the PPV, stacy keibler overthrew the hairspray; the bottle landed at Bam Bam's feet. He tossed it to Stasiak, punched him and delivered the Greetings From Asbury Park for the win. After the bell, Stasiak said he wanted another chance at the Beast From The East. Bigelow said the only way he would get back in the ring with Shawn was if, upon winning the match, he could tattoo "the little whining woman." Stacy vehemently shook her head no, but Stasiak agreed for her. Bam Bam acknowledged the acceptance and told The Mecca of Manhood the "woman" he was talking about was Shawn himself.

Then on Nitro: Stacy teased a striptease for the college fans, but turned her nose at the crowd instead introducing her man, Shawn "The Star" Stasiak. Bam Bam came out with his tattoo kit as the grudge match got underway. Shawn went to the top, but missed a bodypress, allowing Bigelow to continue his assault. When Bam Bam went for the Greetings From Asbury Park, Stacy grabbed Stasiak's legs, putting her man in control and leading him to the win after a hangman's neckbreaker. Stacy debuted in June with Shane McMahon and then teamed with Torrie Wilson to take on Trish and Lita and Invasion but stacy keibler lost.

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